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Resources and Referrals for Follow-up Ministry

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

As of August 1, 2023, Rebuilding the Ruins will be suspending any scheduling of follow-up appointment requests due to the high volume of new ministry requests and the amazing availability of qualified resources and ministries who can readily offer follow-up care. Each of the individuals and organizations below are known to Rebuilding the Ruins as gifted and anointed ministries.

If you live in the metro Atlanta area and are looking for in-person ministry, please reach out to one of these amazing teams:

Rich Gartrell

Deep Healing Atlanta

4o4 . 934 . 351o

CityGate Church Duluth Healing House

Bethel Atlanta Sozo

Susan Brown

If you are looking for zoom / online ministry, please reach out to one of these highly qualified resources:

College of Athens transformational prayer

Face to Face Ministries (Immanuel Approach)

Peggy Fava

Phone: 53o . 637 . 836o

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